In the Show – 26th July 2011

30 artists from different creative fields that include advertising, graphic design,fashion, architecture, film, visual arts, and music have all come together for “What’s Next 30×30”. The works in the exhibition are the result of a series of dialogues between Stanley Wong and 30 invited artists on the topics: “What is creativity?”, “Why do we create?” and “What’s next?””. Each contributor presents a work, and Stanley creates another in response.

PictureIn our Arts Diary this week, for more than ten years, artist Emily Cheng has been looking at paintings by other people, often focusing on elements that aren’t so important in those paintings and making them the centre of her own. In an exhibition currently on show at the Hanart Gallery she is looking at nature, but nature as it has already been reflected in other art works.

PictureAlso, we take a step into the past at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. Until 16th October, the museum’s Chinese Fine Art Gallery is featuring an exhibition of work by Guangdong painter Li Yanshan. Although, in the Guangdong art scene, Li was living in the midst of a lot of change in the painting of his time, he maintained until the end of his life “A Passion for Tradition”.

PictureOne movie showing right now, and in its second week at Hong Kong cinemas, brings to an end a cinematic saga that’s lasted ten years. It’s the Harry Potter series. And the final book “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” was so complicated it had to be turned into two movies, each more than two hours long. Reviewer Gary Pollard’s seen the entire series, and he’s with us in the studio to talk about it.

PictureAnd we end today’s show, and this season, with a goodbye. But it’s not a goodbye from us, but from Dutch conductor Edo de Waart. It’s seven years since Edo became the artistic director and chief conductor of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Now, he’s beginning his final season with the orchestra. He talked to us about his time here, and what’s in store for that season.


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