In the Show – 6th March 2012

Dr John

PictureWe begin today’s show by sliding down to the city known as the “Big Easy”, New Orleans. And the music of “Dr John, formerly known as “the night tripper”. Dr. John has been called the ambassador of New Orleans. From his music, to his theatrical performances of voodoo ceremonies, and his previous elaborate costumes and headdresses, the Crescent City’s heritage is at the heart of his music-making. We spoke to him during his recent visit to Hong Kong.

PicturePainter and Photographer – A Visual Conversation

Last year, the gallery Lumenvisum launched its first “Conversation between Artist and Photographer” exhibition. The second exhibition in the series, a visual conversation between artist Tang Ying-chi and photographer Lau Ching-ping, is on until 18th March.








Movie Review – “The Artist”

“The Artist” is a black and white quasi-silent movie about a silent movie star who refuses to enter the world of sound movies. Further complicating things, he falls in love with an actress who is swept to success on the wave of sound movies. It won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director. Gary Pollard’s been to see it.

Picture Tinariwen

The nomadic band Tinariwen was founded as a music collective by Ibrahim Ag Alhabib, who at age four witnessed the execution of his father during a 1963 uprising in Mali. They initially began as a loose group of musicians performing protest music. They used to record music for free for anyone who would supply a blank cassette tape.Last week, Tinariwen, or at least some of its members, performed in Hong Kong. And they pointed out that conditions in Mali are still tough.


Marc-Andre Hamelin
Montreal born Marc-Andre Hamelin is a pianist and composer who has earned himself a worldwide reputation for his classical mastery of technique and his interest in performing not only well known favourites but also music that’s off the beaten track. He’s recorded more than 60 CDs, all for the Hyperion label. This week he’s in Hong Kong, performing a solo recital on Wednesday, and with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra on Friday and Saturday. He also came to RTHK to play for The Works.


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