In the Show – 20th March 2012


Four Artists from Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia have undergone some of the most disturbing political and social events in living memory. With relative peace in recent decades, contemporary art in both countries has begun to flourish. But the memories are still there. Now on show at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery until 14th April, “Four Rising Talents from Southeast Asia” features three artists from Vietnam and one from Cambodia.



Saamlung Gallery “No One To Hear You Scream”

“In space, no one can hear you scream.” That was the chilling tag line used in the ads for the 1979 Hollywood science-fiction film “Alien”. At the Saamlung Gallery “No one to Hear You Scream” has become the title of an exhibition of works by seven artists from different places, working in different media.


Movie Review – ““Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”

With the 1974 novel “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” John le Carre not only revolutionised the spy novel but introduced to the public terms such as “honey trap” and “mole” that have now become standard parlance in politics and journalism. In 1979, the BBC adapted it into a seven part TV serial with Alec Guinness as spy master George Smiley. Now it’s a movie, with Gary Oldman in the same part. Gary Pollard’s with us to review it.

PictureHK-Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture

“Architecture creates cities” is the theme of this year’s Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture.The exhibition in Shenzhen last December was focused on the time and space of a city, and the sustainability of the culture and architectures. Under the newly-created term “Tri-ciprocal”, the Hong Kong element further discusses the relationship of cities and architecture

PictureMainland Artists of the 80s

Finally this week, at the Schoeni Gallery until April 7th, you can see work by some of the young generation of Chinese artists born in the 1980s. The exhibition’s called “Generation Me: Lost in Transition” and it’s the third of the Niubi or Newbie Projects initiated by gallery owner Nicole Schoeni to explore artistic creation in China among young artists of similar age but with different levels of reputation, different focuses and different media.


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