In the Show – 27th March 2012

Five Women Artists


March was the month of International Women’s Day, so in part one of today’s show we’re concentrating on female visual artists beginning with “Beyond the Painting Screen”, an exhibition at the New Gallery on Old Bailey that runs until next Friday.







Ho Sin-tung ““Hong Kong Inter-vivos Film Festival”

This year’s’ Hong Kong International Film Festival, the 36th, has extended its screenings to April 9th. That should be good news for film fans like local artist Ho Sin-tung, who has created her own festival of imagined films at the Hanart Gallery. Her fantasy festival is called “Hong Kong Inter-vivos Film Festival”. It’s an exhibition that’s a homage to movies. In this case though it’s a homage to 28 movies that exist only in her own mind.


Movie Review – “The Hunger Games”

Its makers hope that “The Hunger Games” is going to be as big a phenomenon as “Harry Potter” or the “Twilight” franchise. It too is based on a series of books, in this case three, written by Suzanne Collins. The omens are auspicious: the opening weekend’s box office take did break records. “The Hunger Games” is the story of sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who is one of 24 teenagers, chosen – in a future world – to take part in a televised fight to the death. Gary Pollard reviews it.

Picture“The Blue Planet”

And from “The Hunger Games” to a celebration of the planet we live on. This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can see, at the Kwai Tsing Theatre, the multimedia show “The Blue Planet”. It’s a collaboration between British filmmaker Peter Greenaway, Dutch opera-and-theatre director Saskia Boddeke, and composer Goran Bregovic, who’s best known for his music for many European movies. It’s a show that involves video images, live body movement, song and music, to give a new interpretation of the myth of the Great Flood and of Noah’s Ark.

PictureOcean Film Festival

Still on the theme of our planet Earth and its great blue depths, over the past couple of weeks Hong Kong audiences have had the chance to see movies in the Hong Kong – San Francisco Ocean Film Festival. The event was launched simultaneously on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, to introduce projects and initiatives that may help improve our ocean environment.
PictureNorwegian Trumpet Player Tine Thing Helseth

From the depth of the oceans, to the fjords of Norway and a woman known as one of the leading trumpet soloists of her generation. She’s Tine-Thing Helseth, and she’s in our studio.



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