In the Show – 24th April 2012

Gilbert and George

PictureGilbert & George have been working together for five decades. They are two people, one artist, they say, and have been since they first met at Saint Martins School of Art in 1967 while studying sculpture. It was with the performance, the “Singing Sculptures” in 1970 that they first exhibited their “living sculptures” concept in which they appeared as their own art work. “London Pictures” is the largest series the artist duo has yet created. The 292 pictures is a result of selection from almost 4,000 newspaper posters the two stole and collected on the streets of London over the past six years. 22 are now on show in Hong Kong as the inaugural exhibition of White Cube’s first gallery outside England. We spoke to them during their recent visit.




Move Review: “A Dangerous Method”

The movie “A Dangerous Method” is about Carl Jung, his relationship with the great pioneer of psychology Sigmund Freud, and also his relationship with Sabina Spielrein, a patient who became his lover and later an analyst in her own right. It’s directed by David Cronenberg, who some may know better for his horror and sci-fi movies like “The Fly” and “Videodrome”, or his examinations of violence, as in “A History of Violence” and “Eastern Promises”. So how does he do with a historical biography? Gary Pollard reviews it.




Water Poon

Water Poon is a photographer, designer, film director, and a painter. For a long time he’s been interested in the colours blue and white, and they are featured in his latest exhibition of paintings in the “Lotus” series at Art Beatus Gallery.






PictureIn the Studio – Mouron

The French singer Mouron was born in Marseille and began writing her own songs or “chansons” at 12, influenced by such great artists as Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel. She performed in the famous music hall L’Olympia in Paris when she was just 17. In 1995, she met the German cabaret star-pianist Terry Truck. Since then they have given numerous successful performances in France and around the world. At the end of March, Mouron was in Hong Kong giving six days of master classes. This week she’s back to give a concert on Monday and Tuesday, and she and Terry are in our studio to perform Edith Piaf’s “Hymne A L’Amour”..


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