In the Show – 1st May 2012


Hearing-impaired photographer Jack Li

Hearing-impaired photographer Jack Li feels that his sense of sight may be more sensitive than that of healthy people. For him, photography brings a greater connection to the world. Ten years ago, he attended a photography course at a center for the deaf. Since then he has loved photography, which has even brought him awards.

PictureIn the Studio – Pianist Francois Chaplin

Pianist Francois Chaplin was born in Paris into a family of painters. He spent many weekends in Barbizon, a commune in north-central France. That gave him a strong feeling of the link between music and the colours of nature. After hearing his mother playing as a child he began piano lessons himself at the age of eight. He’s particularly known for his playing of Debussy, and has made a much-praised recording of Debussy’s complete piano works. He’s also a professor at the Conservatoire de Rayonnement Régional in Versailles and has taught master classes in many countries across the world. This week he was performing and teaching master classes in Hong Kong at the invitation of the French May. He came into our studio to talk, and play a little Chopin.

PictureHuang Rui – “Language-Colour” Exhibition

Huang Rui was one of the founder members of Beijing’s avant-garde art group Stars in 1979. Over the years his art work has covered many areas and has been hard to fit into any one category. Much of it has to do with examining or confronting authority in one guise or another. At 10 Chancery Lane Gallery until this Wednesday, 9th May, you can see his exhibition “Language-Colour”, which focuses on words in colours, and colours in words.

PictureIn the Studio – Violinist and Composer Mark O’Connor

Mark O’Connor is an American bluegrass, jazz, country and classical violinist and fiddler, composer and music teacher, who was also a child prodigy. As a teenager he won national string instrument championships for his virtuoso playing of the guitar and mandolin as well as on the fiddle. His great mentors include old-time Texas fiddler Benny Thomasson, and French jazz violinist Stéphane Grappelli. This week he’s in Hong Kong to take part in a series of workshops and performances called “The Intimacy of Creativity”. This week he’s in our studio playing his own pieces “Appalachia Waltz” and “Call of the Mockingbird”.


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