In the Show – May 8th 2012



Sculptor Bernar Venet

The “French May” festival is in full flood, and featuring – among many other great artists – many sculptors. This week we spoke to two of them, including sculptor, painter and conceptual artist Bernar Venet. In the early 1960s, influenced by the New Realists in Paris, Bernar began to create sculptures out of cardboard. In 1966 on a trip to New York he became inspired by Minimalism. And turned to creating work based on mathematics and scientific concepts. He moved there a year later.In the early seventies, he returned to Paris, focusing on teaching rather than creation. He started making art again in 1976.His “Indeterminate Lines” series, variations of straight, curved or broken lines, came to life in the 1990s.


Nathalie Decoster

Now on show in several of Hong Kong’s public spaces such as Chater Garden, Statue Square and at the Hong Kong Art centre, the monumental sculptures of French sculptor Nathalie Decoster use humour and tenderness to talk of man’s fragility and the elusiveness of time. Her work also has geometric forms, but she includes human figures, or parts of human figures, to reflect on the situation of human beings in a manmade world




PictureMovie Review: “The Avengers”

As part of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, we’ve already been introduced, via a series of movies, to the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Loki, Captain America, the “Black Widow”, Nick Fury and Hawkeye. Now these super-heroes, Gods and mortals come together for “The Avengers” directed by Joss Whedon. The idea of a group comic book movie can be daunting. How about this one? Gary Pollard reviews it.




Liberatum Hong Kong

Liberatum is an organisation that aims to bring together international at different venues around the world through major cultural diplomacy festivals and artistic celebrations. It’s been in existence for more than a decade, and its annual festivals have taken place in countries such as Italy, Turkey, Russia, the United Kingdom, Morocco, France and India. Last week, Liberatum was in Hong Kong.Liberatum Hong Kong brought together guests like Nobel Laureate Sir VS Naipaul, American singer and composer Pharrell Williams, performance artist Terence Koh, and film directors Mike Figgis and Paul Schrader as well as local artists in various fields.
Wang Jian and Yang Xuefei

Cellist Wang Jian first came to international music lovers’ attention when he was just ten years old, in the Isaac Stern documentary film “From Mao to Mozart”. Since then he’s gone on to even greater heights. Last weekend he was in Hong Kong for a concert with Beijing-born guitarist Yang Xuefei. Both have visited Hong Kong before, and people were very enthusiastic to see them both together. Tickets sold out very quickly. We went to visit them during their rehearsals.



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