In the Show – May 22nd 2012

Art HK12

PictureThe four day Hong Kong International Art Fair, which ended last Sunday, has been celebrating its fifth anniversary with its most spectacular line-up, and is getting bigger than ever. While Art HK12 was under way, we spent several days there, looking at the art on show, and asking whether it will change under the management of Art Basel.




 Space@West Kowloon

While the Hong Kong International Art Fair has been going on at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, another much smaller exhibition is under way at the Central Library in Causeway Bay. The Art Fair, of course, concentrates on the art market, where works will be sold to private buyers. The Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial this year is focusing on art for the public. It’s organised by the Hong Kong Sculpture Society. It’s called Space@West Kowloon, will be on show until the end of this month, and focuses on possible sculptures to be shown in the West Kowloon Cultural District’s open areas.



British Art in Hong Kong

It’s a big year for Britain, not only because the 2012 Olympics is being held there, but also because it’s the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Britain’s also been running a four year cultural Olympiad to coincide with the games, which has its grand finale with the London 2012 Festival from June to September. During the Hong Kong International Art Fair, some of that celebration of British creativity has been spilling over to Hong Kong, both at the art fair itself, and at the Cat Street Gallery.



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