In the Show – May 29th 2012


Mobile M+ Yau Ma Tei

One of the highlights of the West Kowloon Cultural District is going to be a museum for visual culture called M+. Well the museum hasn’t been built yet, but M+ is already putting on mobile exhibitions. The current one is running in Yau Ma Tei. It’ll be at least five years before the M+ museum building is completed, but earlier this year the organisation implemented the pop up project, “Mobile M+” was initiated to forge connections with the community. Mobile M+ Yau Ma Tei, currently underway, involves seven artists, six of whom are local.


Graffiti Artists Ceet and Kongo

Kongo and Ceet are graffiti artists who are both currently showing their work in the Landmark shopping mall. Kongo, now 42, born to a Vietnamese father and a French mother, was a refugee of the Vietnamese War.He moved to Paris at six, living in a depressed area of Paris with his grandparents, the only Asian in the community. He countered his sense of being an outsider with graffiti, through which he could create and express himself using marker pens and spray paints. It’s unlikely that anyone in his neighborhood could foresee that one day his artwork and signature would appear on the scarves of a luxury French brand and become known around the world Originally from Toulouse, Ceet has lived in Hong Kong for three years.Before that, he spent 10 years studying painting and sculpture in China. He says both places have inspired him and he would like to have more cultural exchanges with Chinese people in the region.


Movie Review – “Men in Black 3”

It’s 15 years since the first “Men in Black” movie, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. It’s ten years since the second. And now, “Men in Black 3” is here, and in 3D. In this one an alien goes back to 1969 to kill Agent K, (Tommy Lee Jones) and his partner Agent J (Smith) has to also leap in time to save him. As before, it’s directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, but it’s had a troubled production history. Gary Pollard tells us more.


Daydreaming With …

“Daydreaming with… “ is a series of exhibitions that brings together music and visual art. London DJ and musician James Lavelle introduced the concept in 2010, and the exhibitions usually include work from many artists in different disciplines. For his first international exhibition in the series James Lavelle has come to Hong Kong, with a 20,000 square foot exhibition at ArtisTree in Quarry Bay. It’s curated by himself and locally based artist Simon Birch.


Thomas Bloch and the ondes Martenot
French multi-instrumentalist Thomas Bloch specialises in performing on rare instruments such as the ondes Martenot, the glass harmonica and the cristal Baschet. Last week, Thomas Bloch performed on this rare instrument with the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong. While here, he also came to our studio.


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