In the Show: 16th November 2010

Transforming Zhang Zeduan’s “Riverside Scene”

In tonight’s show we’re travelling 900 years into the past as we celebrate an ancient Qingming Festival. One of the biggest art events in town at the moment is “River of Wisdom” the animated version of Zhang Zeduan’s classic painting “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival”. If you haven’t bought tickets already, well it’s too late. It’s sold out. But there may still be plenty of other opportunities to find your way into that scene. We look at different adaptations of the painting, in ballet and animation, even a McDull movie

Ma Shi Po – Hear the earth breathe”

We also travel into Hong Kong’s own countryside, to Ma Shi Po in Fan Ling to be precise. Last Sunday, dozens of nature lovers went to Ma Shi Po to make the point that we need to stay close to the earth. And some of them made that point … with music.

The Flaming Lips in Hong Kong

And we travel into the bizarre but happy world of the American pop group “The Flaming Lips”. Q Magazine says they are one of the “50 Bands You Need to See Before You Die”. Wayne Coyne, their frontman, describes them as a “weird party-freaky-rock ensemble” from Oklahoma. Others call Wayne himself the Willy Wonka of music. Concerts by The Flaming Lips are a spectacle, an experience, and a party.