In the Show – November 9th 2010

Hong Kong Dance Festival 2010

This year’s Hong Kong Dance Festival will run until 18th December and is all about celebrating the diversity of the local and international dance scene. It includes stage productions, competitions, workshops, talks, an international dance symposium, and the biennial “Jumping Frames Dance Video Festival. This year, the fourth Hong Kong-based “Jumping Frames” is bigger than ever, and will be held simultaneously in Macau and Guangzhou.

Movie Review – “Red”

The movie “Red” is about a group of CIA Black Ops agents, considered “Retired, Extremely Dangerous” who find themselves forced out of retirement when they are put on a hit list. The movie’s based on a “graphic novel” by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, and takes the rather downbeat mood of the original and turns it into an action comedy. It stars Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and John Malkovich as the not so over-the-hill agents. Gary Pollard reviews it.

In the studio – local band Merriweather Deer

For many, how you earn and spend is the strongest measure of your success.Our consumption of products defines us: elegant, sophisticated, a member of the elite. Or perhaps not. Shopping can be fierce and bloody. Just visit a sale..Currently on show at Tang Contemporary Art “Shopping” is an installation by the Beijing art group UNMASK.It examines the relationship between shopping and life.

Finally in our studio, the local Indie band Merriweather Deer is opening for The Flaming Lips in Hong Kong on Saturday. They play for us one of their own original songs “Cities”