In the Show – 18th November 2008

Asia’s independent films provide a view of the world often quite different from that of the mainstream. The Hong Kong Asian Independent Film Festival, which runs until the end of this month at the Grand Cinema, is featuring 45 of the most recent indie productions from the region.

In the first of our studio performances we have an unconventional mixture of electronica and erh-hu from Vasco Paiva and Yin John, as they perform Gershwin’s “Summertime”.

Tickets for the 37th Hong Kong Arts Festival are on sale right now. Buy them before the 28th November and you can get up to a 15% discount. But you may be having problems trying to decide just what to see. With us to give a little help in making that decision is the festival’s executive director, Tisa Ho.

The previous film from co-writers and co-directors Joel and Ethan Coen was the extremely serious and often bleak “No Country for Old Men”. Their new movie “Burn After Reading” is on the surface at least much more whimsical, and looks very much like a screwball comedy. But looks can be deceiving, as reviewer Gary Pollard is here to tell us. toku

Finally we have the mellow sound of Japanese flugelhorn player and singer , Toku (seen at right in The Works’ studio).

Tonight, with pianist Bob Mocarsky, he sings and plays “Fly Me to the Moon”.

Toku has previously worked with Japanese superstars like Ken Hirai, Skoop on Somebody, Paris Match, Miki Imai, Mariko Takahashi and m-flo. His work has been featured in various Japanese ads including those for Honda and Hitachi.

To see a streaming video of the show, please click here.