In the Show – October 20th 2009

In this week’s show: a new look at an old art form: Chinese ink painting.

Two exhibitions in Hong Kong, one at the Hong Kong University art gallery, the other at Artist Commune, are currently revealing how Hong Kong artists are trying to bring new life to a traditionally conservative art.  Some are combining Eastern and Western elements; others are bringing in new media.

In our movie review, Woody Allen’s new movie “Whatever Works” is the story of a very intelligent but miserable retired physics professor, and the not terribly bright twenty-something woman who falls in love with him. It’s also a return to his old stamping ground of Manhattan, and based on a script first written in the 1970s. So is it a return to the Woody Allen of old? Gary Pollard tells us more.

And we feature the 22-year old pianist Wang Yujia, who performed in Hong Kong last month. She talks to us about her debut album, and why she wants to be known for more than having fast fingers.

Click link below for a streaming video of the show

The Works Video


One thought on “In the Show – October 20th 2009

  1. Y.P. SO says:

    Is there a chance I/we can view more on Mr. Leung Kui-ting’s work and his perservance in ink painting for over 30 years?

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