In the Show – May 15th 2012


Glass Sculptor Jean-Michel Othoniel

We begin by looking at the work of two French sculptors here for the French May festival. One of them, Jean-Michel Othoniel, exhibiting in Macau, is currently looking back on his life and work,in the exhibition “My Way”. For this show, French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel was returning to Macau for the first time in 20 years. This visit was for his mid-career retrospective, part of the annual French May programme. It highlights works created by Jean-Michel over the past 25 years. His early works, before he began to use glass as a major medium, were created with sensitive and unpredictable materials like phosphorus, wax and sulphur.


Laurent Grasso 

Laurent Grasso is particularly interested in things that are mysterious and impossible to explain. His works include video, sculpture, installations, as well as paintings and drawings, and seem to exist somewhere between reality and science fiction. They may alarm you. They may draw you closer. Continuing with the idea of a detached reality, Grasso has brought to Hong Kong his “Anechoic Pavilion”, set up on the rooftop of Pier 4 in Central.People are invited to retreat into this cabin-like room to meditate.


Movie Director/Photographer Mike Figgis in Hong Kong 

Last week we introduced you to some of the artists in town for the recent Liberatum festival. Among them was a film director who has worked with Richard Gere, Nicholas Cage, Andy Garcia, and Salma Hayek. He’s also a keen jazz musician who has played with Bryan Ferry and composed music for his own films. His critically acclaimed 1995 film “Leaving Las Vegas” earned many awards, but lately he’s turned further and further away from big Hollywood movies to embrace more independent projects, new technology … and photography.

PictureIn the Studio – The Trocks

Les Ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo don’t have much at all to do with Monte Carlo, but do have a lot to do with ballet. This week they’re performing at the Academy for Performing Arts, and we’re delighted to have in our studio artistic director Tory Dobrin and dancer Raffaele Morra.


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